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Welcome to the AR! Below, today's updates and the site news.
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Posted by Diskboy on 2022-07-12:
I'm not sure if I deleted the updates, or the script is broken - as NO WAY TGOD wouldn't have updated!!

Posted by CheGuevara on 2022-05-08:
We're back! Finally!

We're still getting used to the new server, so expect things to be a bit buggy still. Nontheless, the site is back up and fully functional. Hope you're sticking around because we have a couple of surprises coming your way, so stay tuned!

Updates have been added, so make sure to check out their new content.

That's it for today!

Posted by Diskboy on 2021-09-29:
If you are teh webmaster of "Everything C64" - I really want to accept you onto the listing but don't see a link back to us anywhere, so haven't been able to. Please add and I will check again during our next update in May 2046.

Also "Classic-Games" I don't see a link either, so I haven't updated your status. (Edit: I see one on the links page, can't remember if we said we would allow that or if we were sticking to the oldskool rules of link on main page, so holding off for now).

"AWGaz" doesn't seem to have submitted an update, however they have been throwing up some brilliant relics from a period in which the late, great, Bobosama interviewed a ton of celebs from yesteryear. Awesome reads with a cup of coffee.

I don't take sugar in mine anymore, sign of getting old.

"TGOD" updated again, I think anyway, I'm so used to them being listed on every update that even if they haven't, they probably have.

Until next decade... enjoy!

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