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Member total: 78
Sites updated today: 2
Suspended sites: 31
Welcome to the AR! Below, today's updates and the site news.
Updated Sites Site Type Updated
 See what others have to say about 425 Abandonware DOS Abandonware 06/18/19
 See what others have to say about 423 The Good Old Days Abandonware 06/18/19

Posted by Diskboy on 2019-06-18:
Abandonware Dos and TGOD are our 2 updates.

Well to be fair, TGOD has sent in about 4 updates. I'm old, I still use B instead of STRONG. That's the way life is.

Posted by The Hydra on 2019-05-03:
Happy Spring! Updates have been posted.

- Hydra

Posted by Diskboy on 2019-03-10:
I'm not sure if I added the updates properly, it's been ages, I don't usually do this!

The Good Old Days, Computer Emuzone & Retro Games have all updated. The first 2 of which are 5-star members, so please check them out. Bravo to these guys - Creo how are you still going with all these updates years later? You're a dedicated machine!!

Well done to Has for fixing up our admin panel.

How is everyone? Life moves so fast. I hope everyone is good, I really do. I was just reading a news article @ DFL which had a comment from myself that is exactly 17 years old today, utter madness. 34 now. Crazy.

I can't remember if any of us covered this already, but a good few months back we (AR staff) found out that a close friend of ours, of all of ours - Bobosama, had passed away. I hadn't spoke to him for many years, but it felt like yesterday since he was sending me 'Nudges' on 'MSN Messenger'.

If you get a moment, read his Bio on the DFL Website. He was a brilliant guy: a very dedicated and loyal member of the community. Rest in peace brother, we love you always man.

I wish everyone else well. I could start listing names but would be here forever, you all know who you are. Keep doing you. Keep trying to change the world. If you get stuck, reach out, maybe we can help - and even if you're not stuck - REACH OUT!! We were once a close community. Please don't be strangers.

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