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Welcome to the AR! Below, today's updates and the site news.
Updated Sites Site Type Updated
 See what others have to say about GamesNostalgia GamesNostalgia Abandonware 04/22/15
 See what others have to say about Juegos Liberados Juegos Liberados AW & Emu 04/22/15
 See what others have to say about The Good Old Days The Good Old Days Abandonware 04/22/15

Duke Nukem 3D, DRM-free for just $5.99.
All games are guaranteed to work on Windows XP and Vista

Posted by Bakkelun on 2015-04-10:
Updates have been appended.

Until next time,
Stay retro!

- Coreus

Posted by Bakkelun on 2015-04-04:
It's Holy Saturday or Sabbatum Sanctum today as they call it in latin. While I don't know a whole lot about religion, I do know that it's an excuse for holiday and that means time to do things you old games!

We at The DOS Spirit added our first game on the Arcade (machine) platform, namely Final Fight! Rescue Jessica and beat up half of the town while you're at it. Read the game entry on Final Fight here.

Mr. Creosote over at The Good Old Days have revisited one of his old reviews for Advanced Destroyer Simulator, a ship battle sim, since, quote: "the beginnings of this website 15 years ago produced some contents which I'm not particularly proud of".

Well, now he's fixed that and you can read his new review here.

Until next time,
stay retro and happy easter!

- Coreus

Posted by Bakkelun on 2015-02-08:
Hey it's 2015 and we got updates!

GameGraveyard have added some games from the year of our lord, 1989 along with upgrading their forums.

Juegos Liberados adds Bricks Deluxe, a game where you match bricks and solve puzzles and The Dungeons of Morabis, a roguelike from 1991.

RetroGames adds Cyberchess, a chess game believe it or not, and The Activition Decathlon a sports game for the Atari 2600.

We at The DOS Spirit are offering up some destruction in Destruction Derby for DOS from 1995.

The Good Old Days have Digger and Eden Blues in their latest update push. A game about excavating and one about escaping from some prison respectively.

That's all for now, until next time:
Stay retro!

- Coreus

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