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Current Ring Stats:
Active members: 39
Sites updated today: 2
Suspended sites: 1
Welcome to the AR! Below, today's updates and the site news.
Updated Sites Site Type Updated
 See what others have to say about 526 Abandonware France Abandonware 09/20/20
 See what others have to say about 423 The Good Old Days Abandonware 09/20/20

Posted by CheGuevara on 2020-09-20:
Hi! Today we have news for you. First of all, we want to welcome a new (or is it?) member. Let's all give it up for France Abandonware. This site has been around forever and was always a topic of controversy. Today we welcome them back.

On terms of updates, We have an update from The Good Old Days. They've added Taam. Make sure to check both of these sites!

That's it for today. Have a wonderful end to the weekend!

Watch this space.

Posted by CheGuevara on 2020-09-19:
Hi! Seems like everyone is enjoying their weekend. Please make sure you're safe!

In terms of updates, we only have on site update. Zombs Lair has added Master of Dimensions together with a well written review and much more. Make sure to check them out!

That's it for today! Thank you and watch this space!

Posted by CheGuevara on 2020-09-17:
Hi! Welcome to the Abandonware Ring. Today we have one update!

Abandonware DOS added around 20 new games since their last update. Those games include titles like Aces Over Europe, Acid Tetris, The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers and Midtown Madness, which I used to play hours upon hours.

This is it for today. Watch this space!

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